This is an interesting series of portraits. Your use of the white background is very successful and also has a significant precedent within the world of portraiture. I immediately think of several photographers who have worked in a similar vein, including Richard Avedon and, perhaps more notably, Thomas Ruff. The work of Bernd and HIlla Becher also comes to mind, not for portraits, but for their typological approach to image-making.

Your portraits are direct and tightly composed and your use of direct eye contact places me, as the viewer, immediately in a relationship with your subjects. By unifying the formal characteristics, your portraits almost become a typology of human experience, rather than a subjective look into each person’s individual psychology. I like that you have created a portable studio environment and present each person in a similar, egalitarian light.

Your direct approach is very successful, and I am also drawn to their neutral expressions. When the subjects are smiling, I am less able to engage with them psychologically and am kept on the surface. A neutral expression allows me to engage with them on a deeper level.

This is a strong, well-made series of portraits – thank you for sharing!

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